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KEDGE Business School MSc Marketing

DOMINIQUE BILLONProgramme Director of KEDGE Business School

"Marketing careers and skills must keep pace with the major and sometimes conflicting changes in our environment: digital technologies and the development of a collaborative culture that transforms the consumer into a consumer-actor, belonging to multiple tribes on an affinity and emotional basis, the emergence of more responsible marketing that takes into account transitions (ecological, energy, etc.), new forms of competition based on the creation of open ecosystems involving business partners. These changes are reflected in the MSc Marketing courses thanks to the commitment of our research professors and the many companies that are part of the KEDGE ecosystem. The "Learning by Doing" dimension is omnipresent: business games, case studies developed in partnership with companies, digital skills certificates, etc. Finally, all students, supported by the teaching staff, take part in Discovery Days: two days off campus to visit companies, meet managers, and take part in workshops organised by organisations from the worlds of technology, fashion, luxury, leisure, etc.

Our entire team shares the same ambition: to help future graduates be at the cutting edge of their expertise and succeed in their future career paths."

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