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Information Systems Management

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne - Ecole de Management de la Sorbonne UFR 06 Master Systèmes d'Information et de Connaissance (SIC) & Management of Information and Knowledge Systems (MIKS)


Program overview

MIKS is a Master Program in ICT and Management, offering a unique opportunity for European and International students to get a master degree from the prestigious Sorbonne University.


  • To provide to students knowledge and know how on Information and Knowledge Systems (IKS) engineering and management.
  • To expose them to its immediate experience in French industry by performing tasks that are closely related to the academic instruction
  • To develop multidisciplinary skills to allow students to become adept at recognizing and orchestrating the interplay between IKS, organization strategy and business processes


Curriculum (courses, subject modules)


The curriculum is of 13 months duration. It begins in October and ends in the following September. It comprises of 8 sessions of 2 weeks each at the University and 9 sessions of 4 weeks each in industry. The curriculum is divided in two equal semesters.

The five courses of the M2 SIC and M2 MIKS masters provide instruction on the fundamentals of IS engineering and management. Specialisation courses complete the acquisition of knowledge depending on the pathway.

The range of skills that the trainees will thus be able to acquire covers in a relatively complete way the variety and richness of the professions linked to the management and governance (i) of information systems and (ii) of the engineering of these systems in the era of digital transformation and in the waves that will follow it.

Semester 1: Alignment of learning - IS and conceptual modelling; Organisational strategy and change management; Organisational knowledge management; Requirements engineering; Business process engineering and management; Systems dynamics; IS urbanisation and Enterprise architecture; Inter-organisational workflow, Extended enterprise and Cloud / Introduction to Big Data, Data mining and Visualisation; ERP projects; Team building and Communication; English; Web development and security; Technical architectures and infrastructures; Ethical hacking; Social engineering; Model-based analysis and policy design; System dynamics modelling process

Semester 2: Portfolio Management and IS Project Management / Practical Applications of System Dynamics for Decision Support; IS Quality and Qualification / Data Quality and Accountability in IS Projects; Decision Support Systems; Big Data and Data Mining; IS Governance and Security and Business Continuity / Predictive Intelligence (and R language); Cyber-resilience; IS Audit, IS Law; Business Intelligence; Client Based Modeling Project; Transversal IS Project

The Master's thesis is an essential part of the course. Tutoring of the thesis is organised throughout the academic year.:

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Admission conditions

Required diploma(s) :

  • Bachelor
  • Other
  • Candidates must have passed the first year of a Masters programme in the area of Information Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Management Science or allied area. They must have completed 240 credits in the European System, with a background in ICT and in management.

Employment opportunities & career impact

Annual salary after graduation

  • Average Salary : 42 € (EUR)
  • Minimum Salary : 38 € (EUR)
  • Maximum Salary : 49 € (EUR)

Average time for obtaining the first job offer : 3 months

Employment opportunities :

- The employment record of students is excellent : 90% of students at the end and 100% less than 3 months after.

- The average salary is 42k euros per year.

-  students are employed as engineers as support of business teams, i.e. Enterprise Architects (40%), Consultants (30%), IKS Developers (10%), Auditors (10%), others (10%).

Change management consultant; Domain analysis expert (Business Analyst, requirements engineering); Enterprise architect; IS urban planner; MoA/MoE project manager; Research manager; Business IS manager; Application manager; Internal business manager; Product owner; Project manager; PMO; Methods and tools/quality/security expert; Data scientist; Data Analyst; Chief Data Officer; Data Engineer; Data Privacy Officer; Cybersecurity expert; IS auditor; CISO; Chief Digital Officer; Digital Transformation consultant; IS director



Program enrolment information and statistics

Students based in the Eduniversal zone in which the program is affiliated 100 %
Students based in the country in which the program is affiliated 90 %
Students Age
Maximum age 30 years
Students Full Time work experience
Minimum Full Time work experience 3 years

Application Deadlines

Session 1
Application Deadlines online application
Date / period for personal interview M2 March 20 to May 1st, 2023 / M1 Mars 22 to April 18 april, 2023
Session 2
Application Deadlines interview
Date / period for personal interview M2 9 - 19 May, 2023 / M1 April 19 to June 2, 2023